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Insurance / Billing:

We accept most insurance plans, with few exceptions. You will be informed prior to your first visit if we do not participate in your health plan. We file all primary insurance claims for you. You are, however, ultimately responsible for any charges not paid by your insurance company. We do not accept Medicaid, or any Medicaid HMO plan, except Amerigroup, Medicaid HMO in Charlotte County ONLY.

We DO accept Medicare assignment, but we do NOT file any secondary insurance claims (including Medigap claims) due to the excessive time and overhead required to do so.  Thus, a “CROSSOVER” between Medicare and the Medigap (supplemental, or secondary plan) must be set up in order for the Medicare patient to avoid paying the 20% coinsurance at the time of service.  Therefore, we ask all our Medicare patients to set up a CROSSOVER if possible.

Your benefits are determined prior to the time of your initial visit, and will be discussed with you at that time, prior to your visit with the doctor. We do not send bills, because the cost of paperwork and postage affect our fees. Your copay, deductible, or coinsurance amount is expected at the completion of each visit. You may use cash, check, VISA or MASTERCARD. We unfortunately do not accept other credit cards. By Florida state law, a $25 fee will be assessed for all returned checks.

The amount we collect is solely determined by what your insurance company tells us with regard to benefits and deductible information. If you are without insurance (self-pay), and or the amount owed is large or represents a financial burden, please contact our billing manager.

Charges for office visits are determined by the time spent, and the severity and complexity of the medical problem. Please do not hesitate to discuss fees with the front office staff, or with our office manager, if you have questions.

If you have been sent to us by another physician, please tell the front desk, so that we may communicate with him/her as needed. Providing us with their address, phone or fax number will also assist us.

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