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Dr. Klucka treats many allergic and even non-allergic disorders.
Some of the most common are below:


bulletseasonal allergic rhinitis/conjunctivitis (allergies affecting nose/eyes)

bulletperennial allergic rhinitis/conjunctivitis

bulletnon-allergic (i.e., vasomotor) rhinitis

bulletasthma, both allergic and non-allergic

bulleturticaria (hives), chronic and acute


bulletcontact dermatitis (i.e., poison ivy, nickel allergy)

bulletfood allergy

bulletstinging insect (including fire ant) allergy

bulletlatex allergy

bulletdrug allergy

bulletradiocontrast (i.e.,IV dye) allergy prevention
bulletimmunodeficiency disorders, primary and acquired.

bulletcomplications of above disorders, i.e., recurrent sinusitis and/or upper and lower respiratory infections.

We do NOT currently do patch testing for allergic contact dermatitis.



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